15% off Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Recliners
(offer excludes mattresses bought separately Mediterranean, Caspian adjustable beds, Rutland and Coniston Adjustable chairs)

The Kensington Deluxe comes with the benefit of Reflex® Mattress system.


  • Reflex® Mattress
  • .
  • Five or Ten point massage system as standard giving massage coverage from head to toe with 15 minute timer
  • .
  • Whisper quiet Motor System
  • .
  • Operate the adjustment and massage with easy operation hand controls
  • .
  • Ultra Fresh anti-bacterial mattress protection
  • .
  • All with the benefit of a 5 year guarantee

Standard features include matching headboard and footboard, to add that extra luxury the option a choice of upholstry fabrics.

Where this range really comes into its own is by offering a Wall Hugger movement. The majority of adjustable bed as they adjust the head section moves forward, this can make access to your bedside table more difficult whilst in an elevated position. Thus making storage of your hand control or TV remote difficult.

The Independent Life Kensington Deluxe

  • Single

  • Double

  • Dual

The Wall Hugger Bed

The uniqueness of the Wall Hugger is, as it adjusts at the head section it also moves backwards. So your bedside table is always within easy reach. This may be important to you if you sleep in an elevated position but also need to get out of bed during the night.

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The Kensington Deluxe is available in all sizes

  • Single

    2'6" or 3'
  • Double

    4' , 4'6" or 5'
  • Dual

    4'6", 5' or 6'

The Kensington Deluxe features:

  • Massage remote control

  • Adjustment remote control

  • Optional Drawers

  • Coordinated Headboards

  • Optional Casters

  • Raised Bed Legs