15% off Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Recliners
(offer excludes mattresses bought separately Mediterranean, Caspian adjustable beds, Rutland and Coniston Adjustable chairs)

The Coniston Chair

Relax and take it easy in one of our
Motorised Reclining Chair

Relax in one of the Independent Life stylish button backed motorised recliners.

Available in a choice of colours.

The Coniston comes with a traditional button back design.

For peace of mind this lovely chair comes complete with a full 2 year guarantee.

The Independent Life Reclining Chair
with Button back

The Coniston Chair

Incorporating a traditional "button back" design and available in a range of colours. The New Chair comes with dual motors enabling you to recline at the head and foot section for total comfort. This also gives the option of a full tip out facility.

The Coniston comes with a programmable 10 point massage system which allows coverage from head to foot all on a 15 minute timer. Heat for the lower back is also an option.

Just put your feet up

If there is anything more comfortable than reclining in an armchair it could be settling back into a reclining armchair. Chairs like this add extra comfort to a living room with an easy to use recline function. Just one touch on the button reclines the chair so that you can stretch out in the utmost comfort. If you're looking for a great way to put your feet up this is one to consider.

Smooth operation and feel

A single smooth movement is all it takes for these chairs to recline into one of your favourite positions.