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Multizone Reflexion mattress
has undergone extensive clinical trials and tests by the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at Salisbury Health Care Trust in Wiltshire.

Furthermore, the Multizone Reflxion materials conform to the furniture and furnishings Fire Safety regulations, so it meets safety requirements appropriate for both home and medical environments.

Vasco and Reflex materials conform to the stringent requirements of Schedule 1, Part 1: The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulation 1998 (amended 1989, 1993).

Promoting the Perfect Night's Sleep


Correct bed posture can help avoid the risk of fibrositis in shoulder muscles


The risk of painful hips or swollen hip joints can be avoided with a properly supportive mattress, combined with reduced interface pressure


The system avoids problems of soreness and chaffed skin.


With the correct support, neck muscles remain comfortable, helping to prevent tension headaches.


When kept properly aligned by correct mattress support, the chance of back pain is minimised

Pelvic Area

The support from Vasco 60 gently cradles the pelvic area avoiding aching or pain.


Even spread of pressure can prevent circulatory problems which can cause swollen calves and feet.

Technical Data

Below, you will see two "pressure maps", showing the pressure exerted by the human body lying on a standard hospital mattress, and on the Multizone Reflexion system.

These tests have both been carried out using the same terry toweling cover to achieve a true comparison.

The lightest pressure is shown in blue, and the highest in red. As the colour changes from blue to red, then more pressure is being exerted on the body.

Pressure map 1: Standard Hospital Mattress

This standard mattress shows areas of higher pressure, which can cause aches, pains, and other problems to those areas of the body affected.

Pressure map 2: Independent Life Mattress

Far less pressure is exerted on concentrated areas of the body, whilst any pressure present is spread far more evenly over the surface and over the sleeper's body.